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Date added: 27.01.2014

Anti-Homeless Ramp

The anti-homeless ramp is a jarring intervention in the landscape of Sao Paulo. Designed by Andrea Matarazzo, then Sao Paulo’s Secretary of Services, the ramp was first implemented in 2005. The Inter-American Development Bank, as part of the Central Area Rehabilitation Program, funded its design and development. Made out of concrete, the ramp covers the area between the sidewalk and the cover of tunnels/viaducts where people found shelter before. Its surface is sufficiently angled and rough so that no one can sleep on it. The anti-homeless ramp is deliberately practical: it evicts homeless people from the city’s centre.
This project was supported by the Programa Brasil Arte Contemporânea, the Fundação Bienal de São Paulo and the Brazilian Ministry of Culture.
Graziela Kunsch is a Brazilian artist and Rafi Segal is a US based architect and writer.

BILD 025

Content type: Project
Date added: 27.01.2014

The many moments of an M85 – Zenon’s arrow retraced

M85 are ground-launched bomblets which can be dispensed from a variety of cluster munitions, including artillery cargo projectiles, mortars and rockets. The project documents the trajectory of M85 bomblets: from a spot where they exploded (or not) back to their origins. Who are the individuals behind, besides, and in front of it, and what is their relation to M85 and to each other? There is the farmer, the surgeon, the deminer, as well as the engineer, the factory worker, the politician and the soldier. All of them are trying to (re)organise their relation to M85 as well as they possibly can.
Lukas Einsele is a German artist working in the medium of photography.