Concrete Geometries article in OASE Journal

Oase 88

The article The Exhibition as Social Ground appears in Oase 88 Exhibitions. Showing and Producing Architecture. The essay reflects on the exhibition ‘The Relational in Architecture’ held by the Concrete Geometries Research Cluster at the Architectural Association in 2012. OASE 88 examines the role of the architecture exhibition as a site of production. Bridging theory and practice, and relating historical examples to contemporary concerns, this issue considers the exhibition as a medium for experimentation, providing an alternative to the built project as a bearer of the practice of architecture. Throughout modernity, exhibitions have played an essential part in the formation and differentiation of the culture of architecture. Apart from their historiographical role, they have been a means to identify commonalities in the present, stage discourse and instigate new forms of practice. But exhibitions are also built spatial manifestations in themselves and spaces in which unrealized proposals can be made public. As such, they offer various occasions for the elaboration of experimental design practices.