Christian Derix

Christian Derix set up the Research & Development initiative at Aedas Architects,
London in 2004. He is Head of the Computational Research and Design group [CDR]
where new design methodology is developed from a blend of computing science and
other disciplines. The research has been implemented over various scales on many
live projects such as furniture; VITA shelving system, 2008, architecture; World Trade
Centre Memorial Museum visual analysis, 2007 and urban design; Masdar City
Mixed neighbourhood MIST 340, 2009. Christian has been a senior lecturer of the
Masters’ in Computing & Design at the University of East London since 2001. He set
up the Centre for Evolutionary Computing in Architecture (CECA) in 2002 with Paul
Coates, and has taught Algorithmic Architecture at the Milan Polytechnic, Technical
University Vienna and University College London. He is currently pursuing a PhD in
Simulation of Spatial Conditions at TU Vienna.

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