BAR Architekten

BAR was founded in 1992 by Antje Buchholz, Jack Burnett-Stuart, Jürgen Patzak-Poor and Michael Matuschka. Since then BAR’s architecture and research practice has explored three mai themes: Documentation of urban everyday space, Use of models to explore both spatial and conceptual ideas, Redefinition the architect’s role through direct involvement in the initiation, financing, and construction of projects. Projects range in scale from the Durchgangsbad (1993), a prototypical passage bathroom for one-room apartments, to strategies for urban infill in towns in Mark Brandenburg (1996). BAR’s activity has focused recently on mixed-use buildings in Berlin (Oderberger Strasse 56, 2007-2010, and Schwedter Straße 26, 1999-2002), and on urban research and development projects (City in Conflict, 2003-2004; Building Initiative, 2004-2005).

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